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Activ8 For Kids

Our Ofsted registered holiday clubs cater for all children. They are able to choose from a range of sports and activities and are kept engaged all day. We aim to get the children out as much as possible.

See the booking QR code in the images to book or visit: 

Our Holiday Camps

Location:         St Margaret's School  


                        East Preston Infant School

Times:              8:30-4pm with a late pick up option until 5pm (St Margaret's)

                        8:30-4:30pm with a late pick up option until 5:30pm (East Preston)

Dates:               Everyday throughout the school holidays. We also have specific dance/cheer and football days

Activities:         Sports, multi sports, dance, cheer, gymnastics, arts & crafts, archery, musical theatre, drama,                                 food activities and more

Book Here:

Price List

8:30-4pm               £25

8:30-12:30pm        £14

12-4pm                  £14

Late Pick up:          £5

Hot Lunch:              £4.75 (only available Summer/Christmas/Easter)

HAF Places (not half terms)

If your child is entitled to benefit related free school meals you should have received a HAF code from the council. 

This code allows you to book our HAF places. You get 4 sessions for free including a hot meal. Each session is 1 full day.

Please contact us for more information.

To check your HAF code please email: 

Contact Activ8

For more information on our services please visit our website at 


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